Front Porch Lights and Home Protection

Leaving your front porch light on in Missouri, is it a good way to keep your home safe from burglars?

Using your front porch lights to enhance your home security can be effective, especially as part of a larger overall strategy. Here are five things to consider when using your lights for security protection:

Variety is important

Its important to not leave your lights on constantly while you’re at work or on vacation. If your porch lights or exterior lights are on during the day that can be a signal to burglars that no one is home. Use timers or lights than can be controlled remotely so you can create different looks and turn your lights on and off.

Motion Detection Lights

Motion detection lights can often scare off a burglar and will allow you to leave the lights off. If someone approaches your house the lights will automatically come on.

Your Surroundings

If you live in a rural area with no neighbors around then lights might not keep an intruder off your property. If you do live in a neighborhood its important to keep your bushes and trees trimmed so burglars don’t have a spot to hide and take cover.

Correlate With Your Neighbors

Would your neighbors be able to notice if something was out of place or missing? Build a relationships with the neighbors around you that you can trust and let them know when you’re at work or going on vacation. Connect with your neighbors so they can tell when something doesn’t look right.

Mix Up Your Interior Lights

Even if you have outside lights on, a house that looks dark on the inside for a few days makes it seem like no one is home. Invest in timers for your lights and set them to turn on and off different lights throughout the house at different times, thus helping create the illusion someone is at home.

Although there is no perfect way to keep your house in the Ozarks safe, there are still plenty of options you can use for extra protection. To keep burglars guessing whether or not anyone’s home try to mix it up, with your lights and other things. The best strategies can often involve a range a variety.

Stay safe!

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Do you have a teen driver ready to go solo?

Ensure Your Teen Has Successfully Completed A Graduated Driver Licensing Program

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a graduated driver licensing (GDL) program is a three-step approach that restricts potential high-risk driving situations for teens — and all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia have adopted a GDL program. As your teen moves through the phases of your state’s program, they’ll continue to learn and earn their right to full driving privileges. Here are the three GDL phases, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III):

  1. Learner’s Permit: A supervised learning period where the student must drive with a licensed adult and complete road knowledge and vision tests.
  2. Intermediate License: After completing advanced training and passing a required road test, a new driver earns their intermediate license. Certain driving situations, such as driving alone at night, are still prohibited in this stage unless accompanied by a licensed adult. The driver must remain accident-free and not incur any traffic violations over a set period of time before completing this stage.
  3. Full License: A license with full driving privileges is earned.

Tips for a successful first solo drive

  1. Setting limits and clear expectations. Your teen should understand that if they don’t follow the laws like driving within the speed limit and wearing a seat belt they could lose driving privileges. Set set your own rules, such as where your teen can drive alone and how long he or she can be out. You should also set a strict rule about cell phone use while driving.
  2. Don’t allow friends in the car at first. Passengers can be a major distraction and cause unnecessary risks.
  3. Make sure that you have practiced driving with your teens in all kinds of whether so they can be prepared. Drive short distances when its raining or snowing to build your teens confidence.

Does Your Teen Understand The Basics Of How The Car Works?

A general orientation of how the car works is just as important as knowing how to drive the car. Prepare your teen to be out on their own and make sure they understand what to do in case of emergency and the daily upkeep it takes to keep a car on the road. Your teen should know how to:

  1. Change a flat tire
  2. Fuel the vehicle
  3. check the oil
  4. Inflate the tires
  5. Turn on and off the headlights
  6. Turn on and off and adjust the windshield wipers
  7. Understand the lights on the dashboard
  8. How to react in an emergency

The idea of helping teens learn to drive strikes fear in the hear of many parents. Worrying about your teen behind the wheel in one of the families most expensive tangible item can drive your crazy. Teaching your kids safe driving habits early on can help ensure that they are ready to get behind the wheel alone.

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