Tips For Driving In Inclement Weather

With the dark, cold, and wet winter season approaching Springfield its important to know how to drive in inclement weather conditions. Here are some helpful tips for driving in the rain or snow

Its important to check your equipment and make sure everything is working properly. Check your headlights, break lights, taillights, and most importantly your windshield wipers. Also, be sure to check the tread of your tires. Balding tires can severely reduce traction when on a wet road way.

Tips for driving safely in the rain

Slow down! your vehicles reaction time is a lot slower when its raining so you should drive considerable slower than you normally would.

Avoid heavy breaking and maintain a safe distance between you and other vehicles. slow your vehicle by taking your foot off the accelerator earlier than you normally would in preparation to slow down or stop. Keep a greater distance than you normally would between your vehicle and the car in front of you. Stopping your vehicle will be more difficult when driving in the rain.

To avoid hydroplaning, drive around places where water has collected by changing lanes or safely steering around such areas. Hydroplaning is one of the most common car accidents in the rain because drivers can lose control. If your car hydroplanes, calmly take your foot off the accelerator and steer in the direction that the front of your car needs to go. Avoid making sudden turns or slamming on your brakes.

Tips for driving in the snow and ice

The same tips above can also be helpful when driving on the snow or ice. Be sure to keep your distance from other cars and apply your breaks earlier than you normally would.

Apply the gas slowly to avoid spinning your tires. Applying extra gas on snow-covered roads will just make your wheels spin. Avoiding stopping going up hill and powering uphill.  As you reach the top of the hill, reduce your speed and proceed downhill slowly.

Always be prepared and plan your routes out ahead of time. Remember that reducing your speed and turning on your lights are two of the simplest and most effective ways of reducing the chances of an accident caused by wet weather. If you feel uncomfortable driving in the rain and its possible postpone your trip or commute, wait until the weather improves before driving.

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