Monitor Your Employees as You Would Your Kids

“Employees who act out often need some one-on-one attention”

It became obvious that this division needed another team member. The revenue generated by the division warranted another part-time employee who could also help with another division.

This Friday, both Sally and Brenda will be in one of our offices together, reviewing workflows while informing each other of their own workflow and software tricks.

We will eventually regroup and have a “family meeting” to share our plans of adding another team member, which will help Sally and Brenda focus on their best skills: customer service.

We’ll be moving the rating and processing functions to our new employee, mirroring what we do in our other divisions.

Our agency has found that the more we treat your employees like family members, the more they reciprocate with quality work and a positive attitude.

As with your family, not everyone will be happy all the time. Keep an eye out for changing behaviors and address them as soon as reasonably possible.