Want to protect your self?

Insurance is all about protecting what you have work so hard to attain, but that goes well beyond just purchasing Homeowners insurance or auto insurance. One thing I have noticed over my time in the insurance field is that we don’t check to see if the people we do business with or we hire to help us around the house have insurance to protect us. What I mean by this is, have you ever hired landscaper, a plummber, or any other contractor? Well sure you have we all have, but how many of us check to see if they have insurance. Less than 10% of us check this, but there are a lot of homeowners claims that can be avoided if we would just do our research. The other day a lady called us for a quote on her home in speaking with her I found out she was being cancelled by her current company over a very large claim. When I asked her what happened she to me she hired a plummber well he did not know what he was doing and long story short after a 40k water claim with over a 1000 out of her pocket and being canelled by her current company she is looking for help. I helped her find a policy that fit her needs and her and I both learned that just by asking for a current certificate of insurance on any contractor you do business with can save you thousands of dollars and some major headaches.